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Selmet Inc

The data rendered a telling story, but now it was time for action. I crafted personas from preliminary research and data: one for manufac...

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Oregon Freeze Dry

Oregon freeze dry is a freeze-dried product manufacturer in Albany, Oregon. After nearly half a century feeding hikers, soldiers, and ast...

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Flixr is an application I am working on that does more than just improve the ticket-buying experience. The app will also improve the over...

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Door to Grace

Door to Grace is a local Portland non-profit fighting to bring awareness and provide aid to youth sex trafficking victims. They needed do...

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HP Inc.

A massive corporation with silos upon silos of teams working on different interfaces for different forms of media: products, web stores, ...

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A mail application exercise

In my free time, I decided to challenge myself to create a desktop mail application. For this application, I decided to go with a native ...

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Quick UX Challenge #1

On June 23, 2018, I asked the community for a list of words for me to use to craft an application. The words they came up with were...

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Quick UX Challenge #2

Woot woot! Another quick experience design challenge. For this one, I had the words "spice" and "build." After a few minutes of...

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It wasn't long after graduation that two fresh graduates decided to run over to Portland and start their own visual marketing company. Th...

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I crafted the persona of Eric, a 36-year-old Line Manager at a milling facility. He's a third-generator millworker looking to expand...

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Terwilliger Plaza

Located in Southwest Portland, Oregon, Terwilliger Plaza is a bustling retirement community with rooftop gardens, active members, and a u...

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UX Tool Roundup #1

Yet another subjective UX tool roundup. Yay! Subjective or not, I do think it's helpful hearing what people are using out in the field. I...

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Rip City Delivery

What's more exciting than entering a new burgeoning industry? How about a unique niche in a new burgeoning industry? Rip City Delivery fi...

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