User-centered design

Design revolves around the user and their needs. It requires empathy, advocacy, and insight. Talking to users to understand how they feel while using an interface. Understanding that user-error usually means bad design.



We can design the coolest looking application ever, but if it isn't usable it's no better than a wallpaper. A healthy combination of qualitative and quantitative research ensures designs are hitting their mark. Analytics and user testing will help make a great looking app into a powerful tool.


Let's journey, together

Users have goals. We need to help fulfill those goals as effortlessly as possible. Understanding where a user comes from and where they are heading are critical to fulfilling those goals. Let's visualize that flow, build it, and review its performance.

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Enjoyable experiences

Users are humans. Treat them as such. They make mistakes, they get distracted, they're busy. Most of all, they have emotions. Creating an enjoyable experience means a user is more likely to return or invest more time into an interface. Respect their needs and they may end up respecting our hard work.


Stop. Collaborate.

Everything is better with a team

I've done the solo designer thing. I wouldn't recommend it. Working with a diverse team means more perspectives, more brain power, and more creativity. All leading to better results.  We learn together, support each other, and provide a better experience for end users.



Silos be gone!

UX is but a cog in the machine. And that machine breaks down when communication isn't clear. With a multidisciplinary background I enjoy discussing design ideas with developers and vice-versa. I also enjoy speaking with marketing and administration to make sure we're hitting sales goals, managing conversion rates, and keeping those customer support costs to a minimum. We're in this together and inefficient communication will only bring the ship down.

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