Door to Grace

Stand for something

Door to Grace is a local Portland non-profit fighting to bring awareness and provide aid to youth sex trafficking victims. They needed donations and their website wasn't doing them any favors. I decided to volunteer my time to help them revisit their web design and build an experience that will help potential donors understand the problem and how they will help.


A welcomed challenge

This is my first non-profit project so there were new challenges to overcome. Mainly, selling a cause versus selling a product or service. This required more of an emotional connection with the stakeholders and those they are helping. A truly inspiring and powerful new experience for me, and one that I felt should be conveyed to users visiting the website. Their old website didn't capture the severity of the cause or the hope they brought people, and I was determined to change that.

Let's get to it

Naturally, I started by chatting with stakeholders. I wanted to know the demographics that engage most with them, their current website engagement, their activity in other engagement channels, and their future outlook. I also asked for any and all media they have that we could leverage on the website. This helped provide a baseline and direction for the future design.

Stay bright

I went with bright colors and gradients to illicit a positive response. Most edges were curved and angles softened to build on those positive and comfortable feelings. Although the issue is dark, the user shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the darkness.

Helping people help people

Overall, the design of the website centered around how the user can help combat and end this horrible problem. The problem may seem overwhelming, but the user can do something about it, there was hope and the user provided more of it by donating in any way they could: monetarily, volunteering, social sharing, donating event space, and more.

Evoke empathy

Images of people helping in were used to build a design around empathy and giving. Bright color overlays helped brand the images, add an extra touch of consistency, and keep the overall design bright.

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