A mail application exercise

In my free time, I decided to challenge myself to create a desktop mail application. For this application, I decided to go with a native MacOS and iOS design.



For this application, I'm playing around with "channels" similar to how apps like Slack manage switching accounts. Users can separate email accounts into their screens to avoid mixing emails. In other words, a different take on aggregated inboxes, but it's still one application holding multiple accounts.

There are also channels for attachments saved to a cloud service, contacts, direct messages, and a link to a calendar app.



Beyond the experimentation with channels, the goal was to keep the UI simplified. I don't want the application to get too bloated. It should do email well with direct messaging to supplement, and that's all.

A short flow

I made a quick flow of the screens I would be creating for the challenge. The full application would be much more complicated, of course, but I'll reserve that for work with a team.


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